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Just another girl

Every female has some sort of similar story to tell. I am not unique in any way. Many women, young girls, and children have experienced things way worse than what I am about to share. We all have been exposed to something unpleasant and wrong. Unfortunately, no matter how sheltered life has been, there are always cracks for evil to seep in.

“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” — Margaret Atwood

Adventure ahead

One sunny, carefree day, I headed into Boston with five friends. At 13, this was my first time…

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I recently tuned into Framing Britney Spears. The documentary sucked me in. There was one particular detail that led my mind down a deep, dark hole.

I remember watching Britney’s rise to fame followed by her breakdown. When the once so innocent pop star shaved her head, everyone thought she was crazy. What demons possessed her to do such a thing? Society judged her, and not in a positive light. But how could we know what was going on inside of her? Just because she is famous does not mean we know her. And, yet, because her life was splattered…

Travel. Canada.

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Facebook post, February 12, 2018

Conversation with my client, earlier today:

> Me: “Do you have your passport?”
> C: “I have it just for you.”
> Me: “Perfect.”

I like when they follow directions. ;)

A plan is born

One day, I had an appointment at the tip of Maine, on the Canadian border. I drove up the night before, and I knew the ride home would be a long one.

Since I was so close to Canada, I wondered what was in the area. I pulled up Google, and I discovered a gorge about 30 minutes away. I hopped on Facebook and asked for Canadian food recommendations…

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When I was two, I was adopted from Greece and brought to the States. My family in the U.S. made sure I knew my biological family. When I was 13, we took a family trip to Greece to meet my Greek family.

A few years ago, I visited Greece to see my family. I flew for two days, with a stopover in London and a connection to Madrid. I was ecstatic when I finally arrived in Athens.

Half Moon Beach, Stage Fort Park, Gloucester
Half Moon Beach, Stage Fort Park, Gloucester
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Over the summer, I had discovered a Caribbean-blue beach about 20 minutes from me. Half Moon Beach in Stage Fort Park is located in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The water sparkles a blue-green color under the summer sun.

After one of our first snowstorms, I wanted to see the ocean contrast against the snow. I also hoped to catch the sun descending upon this beautiful space in nature.

Dubai Airport
Dubai Airport
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A very excited, sleepy woman boarded her Emirates Airline flight. I had never flown with them before, so I was looking forward to experiencing what they were all about. From what I heard, they have a great reputation.

I loved the hats the flight attendants were wearing, and I felt like I was jetting off to somewhere exotic. My lips curled up, as I realized I was en route to the Middle East.

Although I had a 12-hour flight ahead of me, I lucked out with three empty seats. I was able to sprawl out and relax. …

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Don’t call me baby

What is the hottest thing a guy can call me? Is it “baby,” “sunshine,” “cutie,” “hun,” or “good-looking?” Maybe. It depends on whose tongue the name is rolling off of and if the term is unique to me. All these words are generic, and they can be used interchangeably among many different women.

Is the man only using this pet name with me, or is it part of his flirting ritual? Does his breath caress many ladies’ ears when he whispers, “baby”? How quickly did I become “babe” to the man addressing me in this manner? What is the nature…

Pasticho, a Greek lasagna
Pasticho, a Greek lasagna
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My aunt Niki makes the best pasticho, a Greek lasagna. Every holiday, she shows up with this beautiful dish. This is one of my holiday favorites.

This year, due to COVID, our holiday gatherings were much smaller. Instead of forty people around the table, only a fraction of us gathered. Since my aunt and her immediate family did not join us, I offered to make her amazing recipe. Luckily, it passed the test. Of course, I like hers better!


> 1 box of Penne pasta > 1 lb of ground beef > 1 large onion > Olive oil > 1…

Fort Warren, Georges Island, Massachusetts
Fort Warren, Georges Island, Massachusetts
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When I first moved back to Massachusetts, I spent a few months in Cambridge. A really good friend of mine, Erin, who lives in New York, wanted to visit. While looking for a job, I was laying low.

Erin said not to stress about entertaining her. She said to look online for free concerts and/or events happening in Boston for the weekend. She just wanted to hang out, and she would be fine with walking around.

The next morning, I spied an intriguing article by the Boston Globe in my Facebook feed. …

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